The History of Sunnyside Elementary

1916 McKenney HIgh School McKenney High School was built in 1916 on the site of the current Sunnyside Elementary School.
1930 Sunnyside-McKenney High School In 1930, McKenney High School and Sunnyside High School consolidated to form Sunnyside-McKenney High School. In 1942, Darvills High School became part of Sunnyside-McKenney High School due to the expansion of Fort Pickett.
1965 Dinwiddie County High School In the fall of 1965, Midway High School, Dinwiddie High School, and Sunnyside-McKenney High School consolidated into the new Dinwiddie County High School on Courthouse road. This is the current site of Dinwiddie Middle School.
1965 Sunnyside-McKenney Elementary In the fall of 1965, Sunnyside-McKenney High School was renamed Sunnyside-McKenney Elementary, housing grades 1-7. Later, McKenney Elementary housed grades K-3 while Sunnyside housed grades 4-7.
1982 Sunnyside Elementary Construction SignConstruction ProgressConstruction Progress

Students Entering School on the First Day

On January 12, 1982, students walked through the doors of the brand new Sunnyside Elementary. In 1988, sixth and seventh grade moved to Dinwiddie Middle School, the current site of Historic Southside High School. McKenney Elementary (grades K-3) and Sunnyside Elementary (grades 4-7) consolidated.
2006-2008 Sunnyside Elementary Sunnyside Elementary was recognized as a Distinguised Title I School in 2006, 2007, and 2008.
2018 Distinguised Achievement Award Most recently, Sunnyside was recognized by the Governor of Virginia and received a 2018 Distinguished Achievement Award for its progress for meeting all state and federal benchmarks.