Dear Sunnyside Elementary Parents and Guardians,

Sunnyside is in its sixth year as a School-wide Title I school. As a School-wide Title I school, we are able to receive additional resources, programs, staffing, and training to benefit all students. Having school-wide status helps us provide high quality reading instruction for all students to generate high levels of academic achievement. This means any student who could benefit from additional assistance using Title I resources, whether for a two-week skill group or a year-long remediation plan, will receive the support needed.

Sunnyside’s Reading Team coordinates the school’s comprehensive literacy program.

Mrs. Melissa Powers is the Reading Interventionist at Sunnyside Elementary. She is in her 34th year as an educator. She is a proud graduate of Brunswick High School, and multiple colleges. She holds various endorsements through the Virginia Department of Education. This is Mrs. Powers’ first year at Sunnyside. She elected to move to a new school system in order to grow as an educator. Mrs. Powers believes that learning is a lifelong journey! Her hope is that she helps students and others experience joy and growth during her time spent with them. 

Ms. Annie Zorn is the Reading Specialist at Sunnyside Elementary. This is her 4th year in this position. She has 21 years of experience in education. She taught K-3 in public schools in Elkin, North Carolina; Manassas City, VA; Wythe County, VA; and in Dinwiddie County. Ms. Zorn has also worked collaboratively with preschool teachers in Wythe County to improve classroom management and teaching craft. Ms. Zorn believes that all students can learn and read with the proper support and instruction. 

Mrs. Maria Bishop is the PALs Tutor at Sunnyside Elementary. She has been in Early Childhood Education for 21 years. This is her 2nd year as a PALs Tutor. She believes that early childhood education is an important factor with children and that encouraging positive, strong relationships with children and their parents provides a successful educational journey. 

Parents are an integral part of Sunnyside’s Title I Reading program . We encourage involvement from all families.  Please encourage your child to read to you or with you 15 minutes each evening. Practice does make better readers! We also recommend reading to your child (yes, even to those 4th and 5th graders)! Reading to your child is a great way to expand  vocabulary, model good reading, and strengthen comprehension skills!

We are always available to answer questions and offer suggestions. Parental input at Sunnyside is greatly appreciated too. Check out Sunnyside’s website and complete the Title I survey under the Parent Resources Tab.

Working together we can promote a love for reading in our children!

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