DCPS Seal Trans SmlLearning Recovery:
Fall 2021

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Instructional Delivery

For the 2021-2022 school year, ALL students of Dinwiddie County Public Schools (DCPS) have the option to receive in-person instruction, five days a week. Additionally, students approved for virtual learning will receive instruction via Virtual Virginia. Students were approved for virtual instruction based on the following criteria: access to high-speed internet; documented medical need (student or household family member); performance over the last two years (virtual and inperson); availability of in-home family support; social-emotional needs of the student; and virtual attendance for 2020-2021 school year.

4 Essential Learning Recovery Components

Teams have worked to ensure that ALL gaps in learning have been addressed through adjustments to the taught and tested curriculum. DCPS is committed to ensuring that every student reads on level by grade 3.
MTSS a systemic, continuousimprovement framework in which databased problem solving and decision-making is implemented across all disciplines. We will implement a MTSS to address the unique learning  needs of ALL students.
To address the developmental needs of students, we have hired additional school social workers to support the mental health needs of our learners. Also, modifications have been made to the duties of school counselors to provide them more time to work directly with students.
For the 2021-2022 school year, all students are eligible to receive school meals at no cost. Virtual learners have the option to pick up all meals for the week at Dinwiddie Elementary School. More information with be released from the Office of School and Community Relations.

For additional information related to the learning recovery update, please contact Dr. Royal A. Gurley, Jr. at (804) 469-4190 or rgurley@dcpsnet.org.